The Best 4 Holiday Makeup Looks

The holiday season is here and we have your guide to the 4 best all-time classic makeup looks you can party all night to.

by Josef Lagare

snow reindeer
Rosé Blush - Feel pretty in Rosé!
Feel pretty in Rosé. A soft rosy pink pop of color that give you that fresh glow perfect for an office holiday party makeup look. Add a little smoky pink color above your eyelid crease to intensify the look for a more dolled up finish.

Glitter - A little glitter goes a long way!

Is a holiday party ever really a holiday party with out glitter? You can never go wrong with a little bit of glitter. Dab that glitter on the center of your eyelid to get the party started and pair it up with a deep coral red lip to tie in the look.

Poshmas - Capture their attention!

If your looking to impress at this holiday part this chic, posh makeup look is for you. Maybe your trying to impress a romantic interest or maybe this is your first big girl job. This Poshmas look with a mauve red lip and matching smoky eyeshadow is sure to give you that more mature and responsible vibe.

Holiday Glam - Living your best glam life!

If glam is life then this Holiday Glam look is your look. No holding back on that dark smoky halo eyeshadow makeup look but don’t forget to top it of with glitter of course. Pair with a mauve red lip to tie in the holiday season.

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